The Debate and the President

Who would have guessed that Obama would be such a colossal, dismal failure in the first Presidential debate of this election?

It’s a little late to try to get back the edge the day after, which the President was trying to do today. I think he’s going to have to come out with some explanation of why he as so bad during the debate. Otherwise, I suspect no one will believe him. I don’t, and I should be one of his natural supporters. But right now, the President is seeming pretty lame.

I’ve never had a high opinion of Obama’s debating or speaking ability. I always felt he was overrated because of his Democratic convention speech in 2004, which was excellent. But without teleprompters, Obama seems unable to put together a coherent sentence. And in the debate, he was submissive, stammering, and completely out of sync.

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This post was written by admin on October 4, 2012