Republicans Want You Ignorant

The Consumer Products Safety Commission runs a database to which anyone can submit information about being harmed by a product. Before anything gets entered into the actual database, it is vetted by CPSC staff and the manufacturer is given ten days to respond. Apparently Republicans do not want the public to know about defective or dangerous products, because the Republican House of Representatives approved a Republican (Mike Pompeo, Kansas) bill last week to deny funding for the database. Pompeo is concerned for the financial health of manufacturers and other businesses, who might be harmed by “false information.” He doesn’t have any examples of false information, mind you, but this is such a danger to commercial interests that immediate action is essential. Meanwhile babies will be injured in defective cribs and toasters will start fires in empty homes. But businesses will be saved! Next time you vote, remember which politicians protect consumers and which protect businesses.

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This post was written by admin on February 25, 2011

Even Reagan supported unions!

By outlawing Solidarity, a free trade organization to which an overwhelming majority of Polish workers and farmers belong, they have made it clear that they never had any intention of restoring one of the most elemental human rights – the right to belong to a free trade union. – Ronald Reagan, 1982 

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This post was written by admin on February 24, 2011

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